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Ping Pong Autumn Menu with Julien MacDonald

This is a short blog for all you dim-sum fans out there (I would include myself in that group too). I've been doing a lot of photography for Ping Pong restaurants over the last few months and have several more dates booked in. If you visit one of their many restaurants across the London, pick up the seasonal menu and you'll see my photos. The aim of the shoots is to get across the different flavours subtly without detracting from the parcels themselves. There is an added challenge in trying not to dribble while taking the photos! Fortunately, everybody at Ping Pong is lovely and I have been allowed to sample some of the goods. Nom nom nom...

It's currently London Fashion Week and Ping Pong have teamed up with world-renowned designer, Julien MacDonald to create a limited edition cocktail and dessert... and I can confirm that they're as tasty as they look!

As well as food photography, I've been getting interior mood shots and also putting together some fun, animated GIFs which I will share in the near future. Who said you shouldn't play with your food?

As always, you can get more frequent updates by following me on facebook and instagram!

Catch you soon - I'm off to raid my fridge!


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