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2014 Highlights

A New Year, a New Blog: My 2014 was exceptionally busy, photographing and making videos for a real mix of clients in locations all over Europe. I've especially enjoyed the diversity of my work over the last 12 months. Knowing that on one day I could be shooting a wedding in an extraordinary venue, the next day in a studio doing product photography before jetting off to film Swedish ice-hockey players, means I really have to stay on my toes and keep focus (sorry!!).

As a result I produced plenty of blog worthy material but found very little time to do anything about it. It was my initial intention to post my top 10 photos. I soon realised that deciding which 10 to select would be very difficult and also a bit selfish (a photo on a hard disk is worthless if left unseen). So, in the words of George Bernard Shaw, "I'm sorry this blog is so long, I didn't have time to make it shorter". Here is a taste of some of my favourite moments of 2014:


Linton "The Swarm" Vassell, Professional MMA fighter, for Lion's Pride Northampton, January


Rigger, Orbit Tower re-opening ceremony, Olympic Park Stratford, April


Wilson Kipsang (winner) and lead group, London Marathon for APCG Signs, April

London Marathon 14-08711.jpg

Mo Farah, London Marathon for APCG Signs, April


Joe Marler, England Rugby International, Paul Barker's "Murderball". April


John Inverdale, Television Presenter, Paul Barker's "Murderball", April

Rileys PCUK Pearce-00664.jpg

Stuart Pearce, ex-England Football captain, for Riley's Sports Bar Haymarket, May

Ricky edit-2-2.jpg

Ricky Rose, pro boxer and ex-marine, promo shoot, London, May


Darren Gough, Tom Maynard Charity Dinner, Kensington Oval, May


Chris Robshaw, England rugby captain, Tom Maynard Charity Dinner, Kensington Oval, May

blog 1 midnight.jpg

Midnight Circus, for Aircraft Circus, Jackson Lane Theatre, June

jump montage 3.jpg

Movember/Redbull Plane Jump, Lappeenranta, Finland, June

Santander F1 GOSH V&A HR-06385.jpg

Damon Hill, Santander F1 Great Ormand Street Fund Raising Dinner, V&A London, July


Pageboy Photo-bomb!, Welwyn, July


Vincenzo Nibali, Tour de France winner, Port de Balès (Pyrenees), France, July


Liz Barker, Boxer/Personal Trainer/Stunt-woman, London, August


Boullemiers in the Library, Aynhoe Park, August


Sir Wiggo, Tour of Britain Stage 8, September


Chefs at Gastrologik, for Movember, Stockholm, September


Reindeer Filet, Gastrologik for Movember, Stockholm, September

Money brother-05400.jpg

Anders Wendin of "Money Brother", for Movember, Gustavsberg, Sweden, September

Mo Huey Morgan-07739.jpg

Huey Morgan, Ruffians Barbers, London, October

Mo Footballs-09800.jpg

Movember Mitre Partnership, London, October

Mo comedy-00645.jpg

Fred Macaulay, Movember Comedy @ Jongleurs, London, November

Mo Gala 14  Barcelona-01010.jpg

Movember Gala, Barcelona, November

GCF14 lr-09595.jpg

Greenwich Circus Festival, Hangar Arts Trust, December

blog 1 markit.jpg

Markit End of Year Party with Aircraft Circus, Royal Courts of Justice, London, December

Right, that's your lot! I can't help looking back at my selection and thinking, "Oh, I should have put that in...and what about that one...and I completely forgot all about those". However, I will endeavour to maintain this blog now an a more frequent basis! Keep your eyes peeled for my 2014 Wedding Highlights coming soon...

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