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California Part 1: LA to Mammoth Lakes

It has been over 4 weeks since I got back from the States and I have struggled to find the time to go through my photos (although the glimpses that I've been managing have brought back some happy memories). Discounting a connecting flight 15 years ago, it was my first time in America. After photographing a beautiful two day wedding in Austin Texas (potentially another blog topic), I headed over to California where I met up with a friend, Matthew, for a ten day road trip. I've decided to break my blogs up into manageable chunks (manageable for me and for you!). This first instalment takes a quick peek at the first 3 days of our trip which took us from Los Angeles up to Mammoth Lakes via Highway 395...

Hand-balancer training in front of Santa Monica Pier...

The Dodgers' Baseball Stadium, built into the mountainside...

Sunset over the Inyo Mountains, just off Highway 395 near Olancha

The beautiful starry night over Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, unspoiled by light pollution. I could have stayed there all night if we didn't have to check in to our hotel. I very nearly got into a fight with an old German man who decided to park his 4x4 right in the middle of my shot to sleep for the night. There are signs saying "no overnight camping" in the car park but his argument was that he wasn't in the car park. Idiot. After exchanging a few four-letter words in both English and German, I'm glad we came to an agreement as the photos were worth it. Click to enlarge the images...

Sunset over Deer Mountain from Minaret Vista, Mammoth Lakes

I hope you've enjoyed your visit to my blog. The next instalment photos from Bodie (an eerie ghost town) and Mono Lake (a picturesque lake with salt stacks rising up from the water) before heading into Yosemite National park. For more frequent updates, please like my facebook page: Robin Boot Photography and follow me on instagram: @robinbootphoto

See y'all next time!


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