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Fire of London

I promised myself that I would I post more frequent updates on this blog in 2016 and yet I haven't done anything in over 2 weeks! I fly to India in the morning in search of tigers and kingfishers (and I'm not talking about the local beer) so here's some crazy fire stuff I did last week!

Living with a fire-breathing circus freak means I meet some pretty interesting people. This week we've had 2 incredible fire performers from Australia staying with us (Shade Flamewater and Billy Tempest). They invited me down, along with my flatmate Jonny Grimwade, to the Southbank where they were jamming some of their fire skills. I saw it as an excellent opportunity to test out some of the functions on my new Sony A7Rii camera. Here is a very quick video I pieced together (experimenting with slow-motion footage) along with a handful of photos.

Click to enlarge the images...

If you want to see what I'm getting up to on a more frequent basis, check me out on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

Catch you soon (hopefully with all my limbs still attached after my tiger adventure),


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