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Video: HR Innovation & Strategy Challenger Meeting 2015

The last 6 weeks have been some of my busiest since setting up Robin Boot Photography 5 years ago. This is great for business but it means I haven't posted a blog in a while.

Many of you who know me or who follow me on Facebook will know just how varied my photographic work can be. It's this variety that keeps me fresh and still as passionate about my work as I was when I started out. In the last few years, I have been receiving an increasing amount of bookings from companies wanting video instead of (or as well as) photography.

Last week, I was booked by Expedite Business Development Consulting to cover their 2 day, HR Innovation & Strategy Challenger Meeting 2015 at the Renaissance Hotel, St. Pancras. The event included presentations from industry leaders as well as workshops aimed at improving HR stategies and maximising employee engagement.

This is a short highlights video that I made for them:

If you or your company are interested in booking me as a photographer or videographer, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the options: or 07810407673.

I will endeavour to post more blogs soon - the problem is that I amost have too much choice for topics and another jam packed few weeks of work ahead! If you would like to see more frequent updates, to see what I'm up to and where I've been, please like my Facebook page.


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