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Portfolio Shoot: Shireen

Shireen is a professional dancer, circus performer and model from Portsmouth. She came to me last month saying that her portfolio needed to be updated and asked if could I help...

...of course I said yes!

We decided to shoot both indoors and on location to get a variety of styles - with the main aim to show off Shireen's natural, Mauritian beauty while still remaining tasteful and artistic.

I love using natural light for portraiture and the skylights in the loft conversion where live acted like huge softboxes for flattering skintones. No flash was needed, just a big white reflector to fill in the shadows. I'm often asked by beginners about lighting technique and equipment - you can do a lot with a £20 pop-up reflector from ebay (athough, sadly, loft conversions in SW London don't come as cheap!)...

Again, natural light and a strategically placed reflector were all that was required to achieve the first look...

For the second look, Shireen changed into an outfit which was a little more dance inspired. A very conveniently placed wall and a single off-camera flash gave an edgy urban look...

Right, that's your lot - thanks for checking out my blog! If you're interested in booking me for a shoot, please don't hesitate to get in touch on

I have a few more blogs in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled. For more frequent updates, please like my Facebook page here: Robin Boot Photography

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