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California Part 2: Bodie Ghost Town

Bodie is an abandoned gold-mining town about an hour and a half's drive North East from Mammoth Lakes where we were staying. In the late 19th Century an estimated ten thousand people lived there, profiting from the gold-rich mountainsides. When the gold ran out, the people moved on, leaving the houses, shops, bars and brothels deserted. The California State Parks System took over the town in the 1960s to preserve it in a state of "arrested decay". My travel buddy, Matt, and I decided to spend a couple of hours wandering round to get a taste of the Wild West. Here are some of the photos...

(click to enlarge)

Despite the deathly feel amongst the deserted shacks and vehicles in Bodie, the brilliant blue skies were full of life. It turns out all the nooks and crannies of the rickety old buildings make excellent nesting spots for swallows...

(click to enlarge)

Another short blog but hopefully you've enjoyed the photos. If you want more frequent updates, please add me on instagram and facebook.

Keep your eyes peeled for more instalments from my photographic road-trip through California: Mono Lake, Yosemite National Park and San Francisco coming soon...

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